1)When will a horse have 6 legs? 
2)When does Monday come before Sunday  
3)When do you find a lot of cities without single house? 
4) How can u double ur money? 
1)When someone rides on the horse 
2)In a dictionary 
3)In a map 
4)Show it in front of a mirror.




3-Dimag ka Halva:-
टीचर - अब मै तुमसे एक ऐसा प्रश्न पूछने जा रहा
हूं जिसका जवाब तुम लोग सात जन्मो तक नही
दे सकते...???
टीचर - बताओ एक बाईvक पर 13 लोग कैसे बैठेंगे...???
स्टूडेँट - सिँपल है सर...
एक ड्राइवर और दो छक्के.
कसम से पाँच साल हो गए और टीचर
अभी तक
कोमा मे है..
और वह बच्चा आज Doctor है ।।।



5-अगर दम है तो इस सवाल का जवाब देकर
एक कुतिया के दो पिल्ले थे,
एक का नाम था सपुन और दूसरे का नाम
था अपुन.
एक दिन सपुन मर गया, अब कुतिया का दूध
कौन पिएगा ???
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More हिन्दी WhatsApp जोक्स....

Teacher- Tum bade hokr kya kroge.
Student- Shadi.
Teacher- nhi,mera Matlab He Kya Banoge
Student- Dulha.
Teacher- oho, I Mean Bade Hokr Kya Hasil Karoge.
Student- dulhan.
Teacher- abe Mera Mtlb Bde Hokr Mumy Papa K Liye Kya Kroge.
Student- bahu Launga.
Teacher- abe Gadhe, tere Papa kya Chahte He.
Student- pota.
Teacher- haramkhor, teri Zindagi Ka Kya Maksad He.
Student- hum Do Humare Do.
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7-Select An Alphabet Then I Will Tell U K App Kis Rishtey Ki Tarf Se Lucky Ho.....FMAZJKNRS Reply Must. Answer :F. Cousin.M. Parents.A.Lover. Z.Mother In Law. J. Sister. K. Fiance. N.Best Frnd  R.Child. S.Husband/Wife..
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8-Six Brilliant Doubts:
1. If all the nations in the world are in debt, where did all the money go?
2. When dog food is new with improved taste, who tests it?
3. If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole airplane made out of that stuff?
4. Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
5. Can you cry under water?
6. Why do people say"you've been working like a dog" when dogs just sit around all day??
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9-Niche kuch alfaz hai jo india ke city aur state ka nam batate hai agar tumne jawab diya to ur genious.
Translate the following in Hindi to discover names of indian cities and states...... 
1=Large state_Ans: "Maharashtra"
2=Place of king_Ans: "rajisthan"
3=Mr. City_Ans: "shri nagar"
4=Rhythm of eyes_"Ans: "naini taal"
5=Unmarried girl_Ans: "kannyakumari"
6=No zip_Ans: "chinnai"
7=come in evening_Ans: "aasaam"
8=go and come_Ans: "goa"
9=answer state_Ans: "uttarpardesh"
10=make juice_Ans: "banaras"
11=Do Drama_Ans: "karnatak"
12=Green Gate_Ans: "haridwaar"
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10-QUESTION: What is more useful after it is broken?
QUESTIONWhich is the most shocking city?
QUESTIONName two things u can never eat before breakfast?
ANSWERDinner & Lunch
QUESTIONHow many great men were born in india?
ANSWERNone, only babies were born.
QUESTIONIf your clock strikes 13, what times it is?
ANSWERTime to buy a new clock 
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SIR : Water ka formula batao?
SIR : abe, Ye ans galat hai.
GOLU : sir ye NAALE ka pani hai!!!
ha Ha Ha.
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12-FRIENDS GAME...Write The Suitable Meaning Of All Alphabets Of My Name R=A=H=M=A=T=

13-Only Funny Answers R allowed
1. Zindagi kab khobsorat lagti ha?Ans.
2. Ik pardesi mera?Ans.
3. Khalis mhbt kaha milti ha?Ans.
4. Shadi main juta chupai kyn hoti ha?Ans.
5. Main ne khawab daikha k?Ans.
Let's se how great a sense of humour u have!Reply fastI'm waiting

14-Psycho Analysis: what u draw when have pencil in your hand?
3-Criss cross lines
4-Geometrical shape
7-eye and lips
then I'll tell u its meaning.
Answers:Circle-u r in tension
Names-u r in love
Cris cross  lines-feel lonely
Geometrical shapes-u love journey
Signature-wnt fame...
Flower-wnt kids
Eye or lips-u love beauty
Scene-u love fast food.


Answer :
1. Health is Wealth.
2. Empty Vessels Make the Most Sound.
3. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.
4. Honesty is the Best Policy.
5. Be a Roman while in Rome.
6. All That Glitters is not Gold.
7. Time and Tide waits for None.
8. Knowledge is Power.
9. Barking Dogs Never Bite.
10. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
11. Unity is strength.

1.What I deserve Hug, Handshake Or Nothing....2.Dedicate a song 4 me?....3. Which movie u wil lik 2 see with me?....4. How will u react if I say, I love u?
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17-Describe Three Parts of Human Body If We Cut Them We Didn't feel Pain...1)Hair...2) Nails....3)Teeth, Tell The Third Part Of Our Body

18-Wo aisi konsi situation hogi jb ap kaho ge k,"KASH ''RAHMAT" SATH HOTA.I am wai8ing 4 ur REPLY...:

19-Funny Question? 
Me Apko Kis Name Se Pukaron,Ek Number Choose Karen Phr Usi Name Se Bulaonga,Aur Ap Mind Nhi Kr sakte....12345678910 Reply Must.Soch Smjh Kr...1) Sweet Heart, 2) Darling 3) Sexy  4) Jungli 5) Dost Ji 6) Pagal 7) Zindgi 8) Churail, 9)Dhakan:-) 10)LOvely

20-Aaj ka Taaza Sawal?Larki / Larkay ko Engagement k Baad Phone par baat krni chahiye ya nahi?Han to Q? Nahi to Q Nahi? Reply must with Reason Plz do not ignore.

21-Jab 18 saal ki ladki jhuk kar salam karti hai to uska kya dikhai deta hai ?  be positive uske Akhlak dikhai dete hai............kabhi to accha sochu...........

22-Beta; papa kya hum mc donald chal sakte hain?
Papa;han agar tum mc donald ki spelling batao.
Beta; kuch der sonch kar papa kya hum KFC  chal sakte hain? 
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23-Pathan ko  sapne me ek ladki ne chappal maari 2 din tak pathan bank nahi gaya, bank me likha tha hum aapke sapne ko hakikat me badalte hain..

24-Naukar: Sahab apka kutta to admi jesa dikhta hai kya khilate ho?
Sahab: Kamine ye kutta nahi hai mera beta hai engineering kar raha hai abi exam chal rahe hain..

25-Question: SMS some English words starting with letter T and ending with letter T
Answer: Tent, Talent, Text, .....................

26-Question: If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have?
Answer: Very large hands. 

Question: How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
Answer: Concrete floors are very hard to crack.

Question: If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?
Answer: No time at all it is already built.

Question: What looks like half apple?
Answer: The other half. 

Question: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
Answer: It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one hand. 

Question: How can a man go eight days without sleep?
Answer: No Problem, He sleeps at night. 

Question: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?
Answer: It will become Wet or Sink as simple as that.

Question: What can you never eat for breakfast?
Answer: Lunch and Dinner.

Question: What happened when wheel was invented?
Answer: It caused a revolution.

Question: Bay of Bengal is in which state?
Answer: Liquid

27- Suppose Its My Birthday And You Are Invited By Me But You Just Have 10 Rs To Buy A Gift For Me.What Will U Buy?Send It 2 Ur Friends & Enjoy...Reply Must

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28-For example:LOVE nahin to LIFE bekaar MOON nahin to SKY bekaar Fill in....RAHMAT nahin to ....... bekar..?:-)

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29-QuestiOn Of The Year
 ...Jab Mohabbat Or Jang Main Sab Kuch Jaayez Hai...To Mohabbat Main Honay Wala MUNNA Najaayez Kiun..? :-)

30-Question: Take the letters  ERGRO , put three letters in-front of it and same three letters behind to form a common English word

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31-दिमाग हैं तो जवाब दो
1 लड़का 1 लड़की के साथ बाइक पर जा रहा था।
पुलिस वाले ने रोका और उनका रिश्ता पूछा।
लड़का बोला -  इसका ससुर मेरे ससुर का बाप हैं।
बताओ लड़का लड़की आपस में क्या लगते हैं?
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32-Tel the RIGHT OPTION 4 ME
:-)(1) I am . . . . . ?(, Normal, Cute, Rocking)(2) You can't Beat Me at . . . . . ?(Fight, Debate, Study, Style)(3) I have Great . . . . . ?(Atitude, Smile, Nature, Eyes)(4) My Looks are . . . . . ?(Cool, Average, Hot, Awesome)(5) You . . . . . Me?(Like, Hate, Ignore, Love)(6) You Consider Me . . . . . ?(Good Friend, Best Friend, More Then That) Reply must I wanna know ur views about me.

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