1.. "A Little but Sweet Love Story"
BOY:Dekho mene naya cell lia!GIRL:Wah! chalo " TAJ " me Party dedo!In Evening, dey Went to " TAJ "(After Completing Dinner)GIRL:Oye! How did u Manage Money fordis Kind of Hotel?BOY:Cell Sale Kar dya!Tm se barh k thori na tha IDIOT :-)

2.. How cute!A boy & a girl were playing hide-seek..She sent a SMS:"If you find me, you can marry me..If you can'tI'm hidden in d shed".

3.. Boy was following a Girl.GIRL-why r u folowin me?BOY -you r very pretty n I think I'm in Love wid u!GIRL-but u havnt met my frend yet.. she is prettier than me n is rite behind u.BOY luks-dere's no 1...GIRL-if u realy loved me u wudnt hav lukd behind... ;->MORAL- True Love is rare... :

4.. "A CUTE n STRANGE LOVE STORY"There was a little boy whose 1st love was a young girl in a picture which he found and picked from the street...As time went by he got married,But still kept it.One day,his wife found it and asked,"Where did u get this?"The man said,"I kept that since I was a child,But why r U asking?"The girl replied,"I lost this picture when I was 7..."

5.. Aik DOLI Aik JANAZA takra gaye,dekhne wale b chakra gaye,uper se awaz aayi ye kisi vedai haimehbob ki DOLI ko dekhne yaar ki MIYAT Aayi haiby''

6.. Story:1 Din Ek Pagal Lrki Phulon Se Khel Rahi ThiHalke Halke Baaten Kar K Phulon Ko Bosay De K..Shayad Kuch Soch Rahi Thi..Yakayak 1 Kantay Ne Aa K Us K Honton Ko Zakham BakhshaUsne Phulon Ko Hata K Kante Ko Muthi Mai Le KarPYAR Se Thora ChumaShayad Wo Jan Gai Thi PYAR K Badle Yehi Milega..

7.. Little Girl And Her Father Were Crossing A Bridge.The Father Was Kind Of Scared SoHe Asked His Little Daughter,Sweetheart, Please Hold My Hand So That You Don't Fall Into The River.The Little Girl Said, 'No, Dad. You Hold My Hand.' 'What's The Difference?Asked The Puzzled Father.There's A Big Difference,Replied The Little Girl.If I Hold Your Hand And Something Happens To Me,Chances Are That I May Let Your Hand Go.But If You Hold My Hand, I Know For Sure That No Matter What HappensYou Will Never Let My Hand Go.'

8.. One Nite A Girl And Boy Were Going In The CarThere Was Complete SilenceBoth Of Them Stayed Quiet For LongThe Girl Then Gave Him A Chit.Boy B4 Reading It Told The Girl(Wid Embarassing Expressions)Dat He Wants 2 Leave Her As He Is Losing His Interest In HerThen Suddenly An Over Speeded Car CollidedWith Their CarGirl Died N The Boy SurvivedWhen The Boy Opened The ChitHe Droppd A Tear CozIt Was WrittenIF U WILL LEAVE ME I Wll DIE';-(

9.. While Dad Was Polishing His New Car,His 4 Yr Old Son Picked Stone & Scratched Lines On The Side Of The Car.In His Anger, Dad Took The Child's Hand & Hit It Many Times, Not Realizing He Was Using A Wrench.At The Hospital, His Child Said "DadWhen Will My Fingers Grow Back?"Dad Was So Hurt.He Went Back To Car And Kicked It A Lot Of Times.Sitting Back He Looked At The Scratches, Child Wrote "I LOVE YOUDAD"Anger And Love Has No Limits..

10.. Ek ladkene ek ladkiko prapose kiya to ladkine uske praposel ko thukra diya.Uska dost ye sab dekh raha tha aur dusre din use khush dekh kar usase puchhata hai tum to khus nazar aa rahe ho jabki ladkine to tumhare praposel ko thukara diya,kya tum udas nahi ho ?to wo ladka kahta hai mai udas kyu rahu wo bhi uske liye jo mujhse pyar nahi karti,jab ki mai janta hu ki maine use khoya hai jo mujhse par nahi karti udas to use hona chahiye tha ki usne use kho diya jo use sachcha pyar karta tha.

11.. once a girl of 8th class loved a boy of her class the boy also loved her but both cant tell each other then 1 day boy left the school but everyday came to school to see that day a friend of that girl lied to her thatthe boy loves someone else that day the girl wept bitterly but she had hope in her heart then 1 day brother of that boy called her by saying her sister in law.that day the girl was very happy.then she got admission in school in which that boy study.Then 1 day they met and both said "I LOVE U" to each other then they were together 4ever

12.. A sWeEt sMaLl sToRy...!A bOy wAs aBt 2Die,bUt b4 hE d|e,He gAvE d GiRl a dOzEn rOsEs.11wEr rEal & 1wAs arTificiAl& hE tOld d GirL,"dNt cRy,i ll luv u untiL d lAst 1 diEs.

13.. lAIK SHEHER MAI AIK LARKA THA JO SCHOOL MAI 9TH MAI PHARTA THA, WO KISI LARKI SE BOHAT PYR KARTA THA 8TH SE, AIK DIL CLASS MAI OSNE KOI CHEEZ PHENK K DEE TO OS NE BAREY PYA SE KAHA "SORRY" os sorry ne osko devana bana dia, wo os jumle ko roz hr waqt hr ghari yaad krta tha, wo osko dil ojan se pyr krta tha, ajab ke baatye hai wo os k baad shaeri bhe krne laga or wo os par saheri krta tha, wo os ko dil he dil mai pyr krta hai aur zndagi k akhri snas k akhri sec tak krta rahega,magar wo osko keh nahin sakta qk wo bareeeeeeeeeeeeee beyrehem hai,"aap dua krna k wo osko mil jae plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"wo larka mai hou yaneee mera naam hai love

14.. Ek ladke ne ek ladki ko propose kiya,to ladki ne uske praposel ko thukra diya,uska dost ye sab dekh raha tha,or dusre us ladke se kahta he ki us ladki ne tumhare praposel ko thukra diya fir bhi tum udas kyu nahi ho?Wo ladka kahta he,me udas kyu rahu,jabki mai janta hu ki maine use khoya he,jo mujhse pyar nahi karti thi,udas to use hona chahiye kyuki usne use kho diya jo usase sachhimuhabbat karta tha.

15.. Small love storyGali se ek ladki guzra karti thiUske chehre par naqab hua kartathaPhir bhi us par ek ladka marta thaShayad woh use dilo jaan se chahata thaWoh use baar baar kehta"Muh se naqaab hata do apna chaand sa mukhda dekha do".Par ladki ne muh se naqaab na hataya Ladke ko apna chehra nadikhaya.Kayi din beet gaye ladki ko woh ladka nazar na aayaLadki kuch pareshan si rehne lagiKisi tarah poochte poochte woh uske ghar pohochi.Padosiyon ne kaha " Mohtarma, aap ko aane main thodi der ho gaye usdeewane ke to saat roz pehle hi maut ho gaye".Padosi ne apna farz nibhaya ladki ko ladke ki qabr tak pohochaya,Ladki zor zor se rone lagi apne aansuon se qabr ko dhone lagiTabhi kabar se ek aawaz aayi...."Waqt waqt ke baat hai pehle tumhare chehre par naquab tha aur aajhumare chehre par hai

16.. Jab husn burke mein sadak par chala karta tha,ek diwana peeche-2 chala karta tha,socta tha ki kab hawa chale aur husn ka deedar ho.Ek din diwana chal basa. kuch din baad husn ko deewane ki yaad ayi.jab woh kabar par ayi to andar se aawaz ayi..waah re khuda aaj mein hoon parde mein aur woh benakab ayi.

17.. once a guy who recently had a breakoff wid her girlfriend was asked...........have u left your girlfriend or she left you???he smiled and answered ..............LOVE LEFT US !!!!!!

18.. A boy liked a girl but wanted to make her jealous.Then one daythings went terribly wrong.The next few weekswere like a very sadsong.He made her jealouson purpose he tried.When the girl asked, "Do you love her?"on purpose he lied.He played with jealousylike it was a game.Little did he knowThings would never be the same.His plan was workingbut he had no clue.How wrong things would go,the damage he would do.One night she broke down,feeling veryalone.Just her and the blade,no one else home.She dialed his number,he answered, "Hello"She told him she loved himand hung up the phone.He raced to herhousejust a minute too late.Found her lying in bloodher hearthad no rate.Beside her was a note,in it her confession.Her love for this boy,her only obsession.As he read the note,he knelt down and cried

19.. Once There Was An Island,Where All The Feelings Lived.1 Day There Was a Storm In d SeaThe Island Was About 2 Sink.EveryFeeling Was Scared But Love madeA Boat To Escape Every Feeling Shared Da Boat,Only 1 Feeling WasLeft.Love Went 2 See Who It Was:It Was EGOLove Tried But EGO Didn't Move.EveryOne Asked Love To Leave Him N Come Into Da Boat But LoveWas Meant To Love.It Remained With EGOAll The Others Went But love Died Because Of EGO.

20.. 1 janaze ko dek k ladki muskrayi,baba bola-beti jawaan maut pe u muskaraya nhi karte,beti boli" baba, wada kiya tha jab bhi milenge muskurayenge".THIS IS LOVE